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Faculty of translation and interpretation - School of International Interpreters

Translating and interpreting proficiency in all fields, at the highest level!

The Faculty of Translation and Interpretation aims to train translators and interpreters to do a wide variety of tasks with excellence. After five years of studies, graduates must be able to translate or interpret from a minimum of two languages into a third (mainly their mother tongue). Translators and interpreters have to be proficient in all fields, dealing with documentary sources and speeches by high-level specialists.

To reach this level of cultural and linguistic ability, it is vital for graduates to have a thorough knowledge of the subject to be translated, and the political, economic, sociological and intellectual environment. Bachelor courses in general subjects play a key role in the future translator's training.

In order to attain these objectives, the students must acquire a perfect mastery of the basic language, their French mother tongue.
In Europe, translation and conference interpreting are taught at university faculties. The perfect integration of the EII School of International Interpreters into UMONS constitutes a major asset for future translators who face an ever-changing world characterised by increasing mobility and offers various new possibilities for international co-operation.

 European Master's Translation   

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