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Strategic Council of the Faculty of Engineering

The Strategic Council of the Faculty of Engineering is a consultative body with equal representation of Faculty members and representatives of economy and industry. It puts forward an opinion concerning the research and education policy of the Faculty, as well as for any problem which is subimtted by the Faculty Board. It also acts as a relay between the Faculty and its association of graduate engineers (AIMs) for actions which are to be undertaken jointly. The Strategic Council is composed of 20 members appointed for at least a five year period.

  1. The Dean, chairman of the Faculty Board
  2. Members of the executive bureau of the Faculty Board: the vice-dean, the Faculty secretary, one representative of the teaching staff, one representative of the scientific staff
  3. Directors of the Faculty's research centres
  4. The chairman-in-office of AIMs
  5. The past-president of AIMs*
  6. 4 members proposed by UWE*
  7. 4 members proposed by AIMs*

    The strategic Council Secretariat is ensured by the person in charge of the division of the Faculty academic administration.