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Faculty Board

In addition to the full-time teaching staff members and scientific staff members, including those of FNRS, and associate professors, the Faculty Board comprises six representatives of the scientific staff with mandate and detached scientific staff [1], who are elected by PERSCIF-Polytech and three representatives of the PATO, elected by and within the PATO Assembly (PATO-Polytech). The number of student representatives is fixed at the beginning of the academic year so that it is equal to or higher than 20% of the number of members. The representatives of the Faculty within the University Administrative Board are ex offcio members of the Faculty Board.

[1] Detached scientific staff members are research assistants working for the institution by work contract, researchers paid by public agencies (FRIA, FNRS, FRFC, etc), lecturers of the language service, researchers of the FSR and pedagogical assistants, the voluntary assistants and the student assistants.