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Continuing education

With its education programmes offered at Mons, Charleroi and Brussels, the Faculty of Engineering has been asserting itself for many years as a privileged partner for lifelong education and for the development of your career path.

The Faculty of Engineering offers several types of continuing educations, in particular:

  • Programmes leading to a diploma recognized by the French Community of Belgium (Master's degree; Advanced master's degree)
  • Programmes leading to a university certificate.
  • Programmes leading to a teaching title
  • Programmes of short duration (one day, half-day or evening programmes)

Where to find information ?

The Department of Continuing Education is your first contact; it will direct you to the department offering the studies you are looking to pursue.

Faculty of Engineering - Administration Division
Secretariat of Continuing education
Mrs. Virginia GERALD - Mrs. Hatice AKAR
Rue de Houdain, 9 7000 Mons
Tel.: +32 (0) 65 374088/32
Fax: +32 (0) 65 374034 -



List of programmes run by the faculty: