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Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences


The Bachelor's in Pharmaceutical Sciences establishes the scientific foundations for a future pharmacist. Addressing various subjects, which are heavily based on Chemistry and Biomedicine, this versatile course aims to teach students the basics of key tools required for their scientific career. Achieving this Bachelor's can lead to studying for the Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Course Structure

At the crossroads of different disciplines, including Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, the future pharmacist must both have a theoretical knowledge of these concepts and be able to use them in practical ways.

To meet this objective, first year Bachelor students will spend a lot of time participating in practical activities. This amount of time will significantly increase throughout the duration of the 3-year course.

These activities are a demonstration of the theorectical material covered and prepare students for the Master's course and/or their future profession in the field.

At the end of the Bachelor's course, students are taught how to read and understand scientific articles.

English and Psychology are also taught as part of the curriculum.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • know, understand and apply Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics
  • master basic pharmaceutical (or biomedical) concepts, including pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and immunology
  • describe the theoretical principle of a general and instrumental analytical method
  • choose the appropriate analytical technique based on an exposed problem and carry out experimental implementation of this technique with rigor, precision and accuracy
  • correctly handle experimental data
  • write a summary report using bibliographic research
  • use pharmacopoeias
  • ensure compliance control of medicines and pharmacopoeias
  • dispense organic and inorganic drugs.



Achieving this Bachelor's can lead to studying for the Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences or other Master's programmes in Biomedical Sciences. The Master's may  then be complemented by a Specialised Master's which focuses on, for example, industry, hospital, clinical biology, cosmetology, and management.