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Services offered

Interlibrary loan

The interlibrary loan (PIB) is a subscription-based service which ensures the Research of the documents nonavailable to the UMONS.

The works, doctoral theses, received reports/ratios of these libraries are then consultable during 15 days. The articles are transmitted to the reader.

The tariffs of the copies and the loans vary according to their origin.

Integrated in the network of loan IMPALA, the libraries give the responsability themselves to provide any document available to the UMONS to the libraries and information centers of this network. The other Belgian libraries and the foreign libraries can carry out the requests for copy of articles or loan of book to their suitability.


  • Library of Faculty of Engineering:
  • Libraries of Linguistics, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Medecine and Pharmacy:
  • Libraries power station and of Humaines Sciences: 
  • Photocopies

    A photocopier managed by chart is availability of the readers in each library of the UMONS.

    Consultation on the spot

    The collections of books and periodicals are in free access. The works of the reserves and the files are placed at the disposal of the readers on request.

    Home-base loan

    The libraries of the UMONS offer to their readers to borrow various types of works.

    This home-base loan is subjected to the detention of a personal and inalienable access card.