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Electronic resources

Documentary resources are freely accessible on the web-based such as the database ERIC (education sciences). The libraries subscribe moreover to paying databases which were bought within the framework of “licenses” which define the rights and the duties of the users. The use of these electronic resources is strictly reserved for a use of course, Research, or with a private use; any massive unloading is prohibited.

These electronic resources are accessible to the members from university Communauté from the UMONS (staff members in function and students regularly registered) at the beginning from the buildings from Université, as at the beginning of other places where these people work or study (such as kots, private residence) using a remote connection (VPN) (except contrary specification of access control: at the beginning of a library,…).

The people non-members of university Communauté of the UMONS can reach the electronic publications subscribed by the UMONS, starting from the terminals of the libraries, provided that they are in rule of registration near those.

You can consult the basic list of data either by field, or alphabetically. You can also discover the whole of the electronic periodicals accessible to the UMONS starting from the AtoZ repertory