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Central library


rue Marguerite Bervoets, 2
7000 Mons
Tel. 065/37.30.55
Fax: 065/37.30.68 


Monday to Friday of 8:30 to 17:00


The Central library is the heiress of Bibliothèque of Ecole power station of the division of Jemappes (1797-1802), become Public library of the town of Mons (1804-1966). Academic since 1966, it gathers:

  • modern funds
  • funds of local history: monographs, booklets and periodicals relating to Mons and Hainaut (Belgian and French) - the documents of this funds are to be consulted on the spot
  • official documents
  • old funds
  • special funds

 Special Funds 

  • Funds Champagne (Belgian literature of French expression)
  • Funds Descamps (medicine of XIXème century)
  • Funds Desenfants (works of history published in XIXème century)
  • Funds Dolez (local history)
  • Funds Georges Gossuin (art and bibliophilism)
  • Funds Emile Hublard (local history)
  • Funds Jean Huvelle (history of art and local history)
  • Funds Georges Jouret (history and religion)
  • Funds Leborgne (medicine beginning of XXème century)
  • Funds Emile Poumon (Belgian literature of French expression)
  • Funds Putanier (funds Walloon)
  • Funds Armand Simon (surrealist and fantastic literature)
  • Funds L. Tondreau (art)
  • Funds of the course (mainly of the school handbooks)