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First year of the Bachelor programme in Engineering at Charleroi

Special admissions test

The special admissions test is held in July in Mons and Charleroi. The September session is held only in Mons.

First year of the Bachelor's programme.

The first year in the Bachelor of civil engineering programme is organized in Charleroi, as day classes, at UMONS/Charleroi, 38-40 Boulevard Joseph II. This year of training is identical to the one organized in Mons, with the same instructors.

Students wishing to work towards a career in architect civil engineering need to pass an additional (architecture-based) exam at the end of this first Bachelor’s year.

Due to material availability, laboratory exercises will take place in Mons. Owing to availability of equipment, laboratory work takes place at Mons. Journeys are by bus, once a week on average.

All information concerning the first Bachelor’s year at Mons apply to the first Bachelor’s year at Charleroi.