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Rights - HR Strategy

UMONS - Strategy statement

HRS4R "Human Resource Strategy for Researchers"

In order to promote the attractiveness of the profession of researchers, to support their mobility and offer them real career-advancement opportunities, the European Union published recommendations for good practice in terms of recruitment, employment and working conditions for researchers ("European Charter for Researchers" and "Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers"). On 20th December 2010, the University of Mons resolutely committed to setting up a strategy of human resource management in R&D, including a charter for researchers and a code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers (see document). The University has defined a series of axes on which it will concentrate its action in the years to come:

  • Reinforcing ethical, societal and professional dimensions contributing to the quality of research,
  • Improving the quality of information provided to potential candidates with the aim of ensuring the transparency of our recruitment procedures,
  • Increasing its research potential by establishing a proactive policy in favour of researchers from abroad, as well as underprivileged groups,
  • Contributing to improving the recognition of learning programmes and qualifications,
  • Supporting the continued development of careers for researchers.

UMONS is also committed to measuring the progress of the strategy's implementation, by undergoing an assessment and site visit every 3 years.

To read our complete strategy and action plan, click here. 

Our gap analysis related to the OTMR-R principles (Open, Transparent and merit-based recruitment) can also be downloaded here.