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17 et 18 mai 2018 - Colloque 2018 de la SIHFLES : L'exercice dans l'histoire de l'enseignement des langues.
15 - 17 mars 2018 - 39ème Colloque International du GERAS
16 - 18 octobre 2017 - TIME 2017 - 24th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning
13 octobre 2017 - Colloque "Droits sociaux fondamentaux : symbole ou levier de la lutte contre la pauvreté ?"
9 - 11 octobre 2017 - LAsALé - 4ème colloque international du LASALE
23 au 26 août 2017 - CSD 8 - Computers in Scientific Discovery 8
05 au 07 juillet 2017 - SMT31 (31th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies)
17 mai 2017 - BPS meeting 2017
09 et 10 mars 2017 - Quelle formation grammaticale pour le futur traducteur ?
22 novembre 2016 - IEEE SCVT 2016 (23rd IEEE Symposium on Communications and Vehicular Technology in the Benelux
28 octobre 2016 - DBDBD 2016 (Dutch Belgian DataBase Day)
December 11, 2015 SYMPOSIUM : Qualitative analysis research in clinical psychology and psychotherapy
9 et 10 septembre 2015 - Colloque : - Héritages et perspectives de la sociologie clinique. Idéologie gestionnaire, souffrance au travail et désinsertion.
13th-15th July 2015 - THE FOURTH ANNUAL MEETING IN MONS IN 2015
3 avril 2015 - La 12ème journée Humanisme et gestion
26 mars 2015 - Colloque « Europe 2020 : à mi-chemin et sur le bon chemin?
27 septembre 2014-Xe Symposium "LIPIDES ET ATHEROSCLEROSE"
25 mars 2014 - Colloque " Lutte contre la pauvreté en Belgique : quels choix ?"
29-30 et 31 janvier 2014 - 5ème Cours de Chirurgie des Fosses Nasales et des Sinus
28 septembre 2013-IX Symposium "LIPIDES ET ATHEROSCLEROSE"
29-30 août - 31ème Université d’été de l’Audit social
27 et 28 mars - Colloque PAYSAGE TRANSFRONTALIER 2013
15 et 16 mars 2013 - Colloque international "Le Nord en français - Traduction, interprétation et interculturalité"
31 Janvier 2013 - Colloque « Combattre la pauvreté en période de crise » : Annuaire fédéral 2013 de lutte contre la pauvreté et l’exclusion sociale
30-31 janvier et 1er février 2013 - 4ème Cours de Chirurgie des Fosses Nasales et des Sinus
29 janvier 2013 - 1ère journée des doctorants en Sciences Biomédicales et Pharmaceutiques
26 et 27 octobre 2012 - Athéisme dévoilé aux temps modernes
29 septembre 2012-VIII Symposium "LIPIDES ET ATHEROSCLEROSE"
11 mai 2012 - Oxidative stress and genotoxic response
3 et 4 mai 2012 - Second Conference of MoU Universities
14 et 15 mars 2012 - Logique, Géométrie et Arithmétique
8, 9 et 10 février 2012 - 3ème Cours de Chirurgie des Fosses Nasales et des Sinus
7 octobre 2011 - 8ème Journée Médicale
24 septembre 2011-VIIe Symposium "Lipides et Atherosclerose"
31 juillet au 3 août 2011 - 17e conférence européenne sur la lecture à l'UMONS
25, 26 et 27 mars 2011 - 42ème Journées d’étude de L’A.L.F.P.H.V. : « Neuropsychologie et déficience visuelle : Quels enjeux pour la clinique ?"
14, 15 et 16 mars 2011 - Colloque international sur le thème "Langage et récursion"
14 et 15 février 2011 - 1er Cours Franco-Belge de Chirurgie Endocrinienne
9, 10 et 11 février 2011 - 2ème Cours de Chirurgie des Fosses Nasales et des Sinus
4 décembre 2010 - 7ème Journée Médicale
2 et 3 décembre 2010 - 5e et 6e Journées Médicales
25 septembre 2010 - VIe Symposium "Lipides et Athérosclérose"
24 et 25 septembre 2010 - Les journées de la craie
25-28 mai 2010 XXVIIe Journées d'Etude sur la Parole
19-21 May 2010 - 12th Bi-Annual Conference on Contrast Agents and Multimodal Molecular Imaging
15 au 17 avril 2010 - Symposium International sur la Maintenance et la Maîtrise des Risques
3, 4 et 5 février 2010 - 1er Cours de Chirurgie des Fosses Nasales et des Sinus
10-12 décembre 2009 - Penser librement sous la censure
27-28 novembre 2009 - "Les traductions extraordinaires d'E.A. Poe"
15 et 16 octobre 2009 - Troisième Journée Médicale de l'Université de Mons
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The 31st Edition of the International Conference  on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT 31) will take place at the University of Mons, Belgium, on 05 06 and 07 July 2017



Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: 10/2/2017
  • Notification of acceptance: 1/3/2017
  • Final paper submission: 15/4/2017
  • Early bird registration: 15/4/2017
  • Author registration: 1/6/2017
  • Full registration: 15/6/2017  


Abstract and papers

Abstracts submission is closed.

Electronic version of the proceedings will be available at the conference registration.

All papers should be submitted:

  1. according to this template
  2. in PDF (maximum 10 pages and 6Mo)
  3. before 15/4/2017
  4. named: AuthorName_SMT31

Selected papers (up to 100) will be recommended for publication in special issues of the journals Surface Engineering and Materials and Manufacturing Processes.

Posters should be in A0 portrait format. Authors should bring the printed version of the poster to the conference on registration. Poster can be removed from Friday 07 July 14.00.


Registration fees include admission to the conference, welcome pack and social events.

For special food requirements, please contact before June 15, 2017.

After April 15, 2017, registration fees will encrease of 10%. End of full registration: June 15, 2017.

  • Standard registration fee (600 €)
  • EFC Member registration fee (500 €)
  • PhD/Student registration fee** (300 €)
  • Exhibition Space with table (includes one Participant) (1500 €)
  • Additional Participant with exhibition space (500 €)
  • Accompanying person for the social event (250 €)


You will be given the opportunity to request an invitation letter for administrative procedure (VISA) on the registration form. 

Please click on this link to proceed with your registration: registration & payment


Program, topics and committees 

Final program: here

Opening talk

  • T. S. Sudarshan (MatMod INC - USA): "Emulate to Innovate"
  • Plenary speakers

  • Michel Jeandin (Mines ParisTech - France): "Cold Spray under the banner of thermal spray in the whirlwind of dditive manufacturing"
  • Prof. Dr. Mikhail Zheludkevich (Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht - Germany): "Active protective coatings with nano-containers of corrosion inhibitors"
  •  Dr. Salvador Pané i Vidal (ETH Zürich - Switzerland): "Electrochemical processing technologies: a versatile approach for manufacturing micro- and nanomachines"
  • Topics 

    Coatings synthesis and surface treatments
    • Electro and electroless plating
    • Sol-gel coatings
    • Conversion coating, anodizing and electrolytic arc oxidation
    • Gas phase surface treatments
    • Thermal spraying, cold spraying and plasma-based surface modification
    • Surface modification of non-metallic materials


    Applications and characterization of engineered surfaces
    • Hydro-,ice- and oleo phobic/philic surfaces
    • Coatings for electrics, photovoltaics and sensors
    • Corrosion protection
    • Wear and tribological applications
    • Characterization of engineered surfaces
    • Superficial residual stresses
    • Functional coatings
    • Optical coatings
    • Functionalisation of biomaterials 



    Local organizing committee
    • Véronique Vitry (chair), UMONS
    • Fabienne Delaunois, UMONS
    • Marjorie Olivier, UMONS
    • François Reniers, ULB
    • Rony Snyders, UMONS
    • Herman Terryn, VUB
    • Arnaud Tricoteaux, UVHC


    Scientific committee
    • Antonello Astarita (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II - Italy)
    • Joao Moura Bordado (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon - Portugal)
    • Pierpaolo Carlone (Università Degli Studi di Salerno - Italy)
    • Nuria Cinca (Universitat de Barcelona - Spain)
    • Marc Debliquy (UMONS - Belgium)
    • Fabienne Delaunois (UMONS - Belgium)
    • Maurice Gonon (UMONS - Belgium)
    • Jean-Yves Hihn (CNRS/Université de Franche Comté - France)
    • Jean-Christophe Hornez (UVHC - France)
    • Heli Koivuluoto (Tampere University of Technology / Thermal spray center  - Finland)
    • Philippe Leclère (UMONS - Belgium)
    • Amir-Hossein Mahmoudi (University of Bu-Ali Sina - Iran)
    • Ugur Malayoglu (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey)
    • Ana Marques (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon - Portugal)
    • Athanasios Milionis (ETH Zurich - Switzerland)
    • Marjorie Olivier (UMONS - Belgium)
    • François Reniers (ULB - Belgium)
    • David Schaubroek (UGent - Belgium)
    • Thomas Schutzius (ETH Zurich - Switzerland)
    • Marco Sebastiani (Università Degli Studi Roma Tre - Italy)
    • Suman Shrestha (Keronite - UK)
    • Rony Snyders (UMONS - Belgium)
    • T.S. Sudarshan (MatMod INC - USA)
    • Mariana Staia (Universidad Central de Venezuela - Venezuela)
    • Herman Terryn (VUB - Belgium)
    • Arnaud Tricotaux (UVHC - France)
    • Gemma Vara (IK4 Cidetec - Spain)
    • Véronique Vitry (UMONS - Belgium)


    Contact Information

    • CHAIRMAN: Dr Véronique Vitry, Metallurgy Lab, UMONS
    • Co-Chair : Dr T.S. Sudarshan, Materials Modification, Inc.
    • EXHIBITION COORDINATOR: Ms Luiza Bonin, Metallurgy lab, UMONS
    • ORGANIZING COMMITTEE COORDINATOR: Dr Véronique Vitry, Metallurgy Lab, UMONS
    • PRACTICAL ORGANIZATION: Fanny Lallemand, Extension UMONS




    Welcome to Mons

    Mons, the administrative centre of the Hainaut province, is located in a dynamic region situated at the heart of Europe, between Amsterdam and Paris on one hand and Cologne and London on the other. Its particularly rich and varied heritage contains 4 cultural masterpieces of humanity recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

    The Belfry in Mons, which was recognized as a World Heritage site in 1999, was built between 1661 and 1672 by Louis Ledoux and Vincent Anthony. While being the only baroque Belfry in Belgium as well as having recognition from UNESCO, it possesses a 49-bell carillon. This symbol, overlooking Mons, offers a splendid view of the rooftops of the city and of the former heaps which trace back to its mining history.

    The Neolithic Flint Mines at Spiennes was listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2000 and is one of the oldest and largest flint extraction sites in Europe. Located 6 km from Mons, this archaeological site covers 100 hectares. You will be able to discover the inventions and pruning techniques developed 6000 years ago by man, which today mark a major step in the cultural and technological development of mankind.

    The traditional festival in Mons, known as the ‘Doudou’, was recognised in 2005 by UNESCO. The ‘Doudou’, which is comprised of a Procession, the ascent of the Golden Chariot, and the fight, known as the ‘Lumeçon’, is a lively tradition celebrating St Waudru, the founder of the city and St George’s battle against the Dragon, the symbol of evil.

    Grand-Hornu, listed in 2012 by UNESCO as World Heritage of Humanity, is an example of the idealistic architecture found at the beginning of the European industrial era. As a symbol of its industrial past, the Grand-Hornu was a former mining complex which included the wells and housing of miners, and all administrative institutions necessary for the running of a community. Today it is a Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC’s), in the French Community of Belgium.

    Mons and its surrounding area is also replete with a number of museums and impressive sites such as the Collegiate Church of Saint Waudru, the Town Hall, the Mayor’s Garden, the Fine Arts Museum (BAM), PASS (Park of Scientific Adventures) and many other venues for your events.

    In the evening, Mons comes alive with its many bistros and quality restaurants ready to ravish the finest of palates and invite you to discover Belgian cuisine. The warm atmosphere of the bars and cafes in Mons will bring the perfect end to your sensational day.



    The conference will be held in the Centre Vésale (Avenue du Champs de Mars - 7000 Mons)

    By car

    Mons is situated between Paris and Brussels on the E19 motorway, exit 24.

    By train

    High-speed train from Paris, Amsterdam and London via Lille or Brussels. Frequent trains: Mons‐Brussels, Mons‐La Louvière‐Charleroi‐Namur‐Liège (two per hour), Mons‐Lille. Good connections with Luxembourg, Aachen, Cologne. Consult international train timetables on the SNCB website.

    It is easy to walk into the centre of Mons from the train station

    By plane

    Brussels South Airport, located in Charleroi is 30 minutes from Mons by car. It serves some 100 international destinations. Brussels Airport, the country’s main international airport, is only 50 minutes from Mons. It serves 163 short-flight destinations as well as 41 long-haul destinations.



    The fee does not include accommodation and so you have to organize your own accommodation. Rooms have been pre-booked with a reduced rate in some hôtels.





    SMT-31 is an EFC event (event No. 421)