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Publications de l'Institut de Recherche en Science et Ingénierie des Matériaux (Matériaux)
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Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review

  • Dupont Nicolas, Quinif Yves, Dubois Caroline, Cheng Hai, Kaufmann Olivier, "Karstic system of Sprimont (Belgium). Holotype of a speleogenesis by ghost-rock karstification." in Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France (2017)
  • Rachidi Rachida, El Kihel Bachir, Delaunois Fabienne, Vitry Véronique, Deschuyteneer Dorian, "Wear Performance of Thermally Sprayed NiCrBSi and NiCrBSi - WC Coatings Under Two Different Wear Modes" in Journal of Materials and Environmental Sciences, 8, 12, 4550 - 4559, Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review (2017)
  • Hernández-Sánchez Dania, Villabona Leal Edgar, Bracamonte Victoria, Pérez Elias, Bittencourt Carla, Quintana Mildred, "Highly Stable Graphene Oxide-Gold Nanoparticle Platforms for Biosensing Applications" in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics [=PCCP] (2017)
  • Frederix P., Ide Julien, Altay Y., Schaeffer G., Surin Mathieu, Beljonne David, Bodarenko A., Jansen T., Otto S., Marrink S., "Structural and spectroscopic properties of assemblies of self-replicating peptide macrocycles" in ACS Nano, 11, 7858-7868, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.7b02211 (2017)
  • Dervaux Jonathan, Cormier Pierre-Antoine, Moskovkin Pavel, Douheret O, Konstantinidis Stéphanos, Lazzaroni R, Lucas Stephane, Snyders Rony, "Synthesis of nanostructured Ti thin films by combining glancing angle deposition and magnetron sputtering: A joint experimental and modeling study" in Thin Solid Films (2017)
  • Rivolta Nicolas, Benisty Henri, Maes Bjorn, "Topological edge modes with PT symmetry in a quasi-periodic structure" in Physical Review A, 96, 2, 023864, 10.1103/PhysRevA.96.023864 (2017)
  • Canton-Vitoria Ruben, Sayed-Ahmad-Baraza Yuman, Pelaez-Fernandez Mario, Arenal Raul, Bittencourt Carla, Ewels C, Tagmatarchis Nikos, "Functionalization of MoS2 With 1,2-Dithiolanes: Toward Donor-Acceptor Nanohybrids for Energy Conversion" in njp 2D Materials and Applications, 1, 13, Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review (2017)
  • Scardamaglia Mattia, Susi Toma, Struzzi Claudia, Snyders Rony, Di Santo Giovanni, Petaccia Luca, Bittencourt Carla, "Spectroscopic observation of oxygen dissociation on nitrogen-doped graphene" in Scientific Reports, 7, 1-11, 7960 (2017)
  • Zhang Yichuan, Fuentes C.A., Koekoekx R., Van Vuure A.W., Seveno David, De Coninck Joël, "Spreading Dynamics of Molten Polymer Drops on Glass Substrates" in Langmuir, 33, 34, 8447-8454, DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b01500 (2017)
  • Vitry Véronique, Bonin Luiza, "Formation and characterization of multilayers borohydride and hypophosphite reduced electroless nickel deposits." in Electrochimica Acta, 243, 7-17 (2017)
  • Renaud Alexis, Poorteman Marc, Escobar Julien, Dumas Ludovic, Yoann Paint, Bonnaud Leila, Dubois Philippe, Olivier Marie-Georges, "A new corrosion protection approach for aeronautical applications combining a Phenol-paraPhenyleneDiAmine benzoxazine resin applied on sulfo-tartaric anodized aluminum" in Progress in Organic Coatings, 112, 278-287 (2017)
  • Hu Xuehao, Kinet Damien, Chah Karima, Pun Chi-Fung Jeff, Tam Hwa-Yaw, Caucheteur Christophe, "Bragg grating inscription in PMMA optical fibers using 400-nm femtosecond pulses" in Optics Letters, 42, 14, 2794-2797 (2017)
  • Gonzalez Vila Alvaro, Debliquy Marc, Lahem Driss, Zhang Chao, Mégret Patrice, Caucheteur Christophe, "Molecularly imprinted electropolymerization on a metal-coated optical fiber for gas sensing applications" in Sensors and Actuators. B, Chemical, 244, 1145-1151, 10.1016/j.snb.2017.01.084 (2017)
  • Marcos M., Pilate Florence, Borges de Oliveira F., Khelifa Farid, Dubois Philippe, Raquez Jean Marie, Dufresne A., "Preparation of cellulose nanocrystals reinforced poly(lactic acid) nanocomposites through non-covalent modification with PLA-based surfactants" in ACS Omega, 2, 2678-2688, Article/Dans un journal avec peer-review (2017)
  • Kruger P, Sluban Melita, Umek Polona, Guttmann P, Bittencourt Carla, "Chemical Bond Modification Upon Phase Transformation of TiO2 Nanoribbons Revealed by Nanoscale X-ray Linear Dichroism" in Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121, 31, 17038-17042 (2017)
  • Moins Sébastien, Delbosc Nicolas, Decroly A., Dubois Philippe, Krumpmann A., Lemaur Vincent, Lazzaroni Roberto, Martins J.C., Cornil Jérôme, Gohy J.-F., Coulembier Olivier, "Potential of polymethacrylate pseudo crown ethers as solid state polymer electrolytes" in PhysChemComm, 53, 6899-6902 (2017)
  • Decroo Corentin, Colson Emmanuel, Demeyer Marie, Lemaur Vincent, Caulier Guillaume, Eeckhaut Igor, Cornil Jérôme, Flammang Patrick, Gerbaux Pascal, "Tackling saponin diversity in marine animals by mass spectrometry: data acquisition and integration" in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 409, 3115-3126 (2017)
  • Hu Xuehao, Woyessa Getinet, Kinet Damien, Janting Jakob, Nielsen Kristian, Bang Ole, Caucheteur Christophe, "BDK-doped core microstructured PMMA optical fiber for effective Bragg grating photo-inscription" in Optics Letters, 42, 11, 2209-2212 (2017)
  • Costenaro Hellen, Lanzutti Alex, Yoann Paint, Fedrizzi Lorenzo, Terada Maysa, Gomes de Melo Hercilio, Olivier Marie-Georges, "Corrosion resistance of 2524 Al alloy anodized in tartaric-sulphuric acid at different voltages and protected with a TEOS-GPTMS hybrid sol-gel coating" in Surface & Coatings Technology, 324, 438-450 (2017)
  • Hakim R. H., Cailloux J., Santana O.O., Bou J., Sanchez-Soto M., Odent Jérémy, Dubois Philippe, Raquez Jean Marie, Carrasco F., Maspoch M. LI., "PLA/SiO2 composites : influence of the filler modifications on the morphology, crystallization behavior, and mechanical properties" in Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 45367, 1-12 (2017)
  • Bakdid A., Bakari D., Rrhioua Abdeslem, El Kihel Bachir, Nougaoui Abdelkarim, Delaunois Fabienne, "Welding control using ultrasonic multi-elements method" in Journal of Materials and Environmental Science, 8, 10, 3483-3489 (2017)
  • De Coninck Joël, DUNLOP F., Huillet T., "Contact angles of a drop pinned on an incline" in Physical Review. E : Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 95, 5, 052805-052810, DOI: (2017)
  • Ivanov I., Hu Y., Osella S., Beser U., Wang H.I., Beljonne David, Narita A., Müllen K., Turchinovich D., Bonn M., "Role of Edge Engineering in Photoconductivity of Graphene Nanoribbons" in Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017)
  • Cornil David, Wiame H., Lecomte B., Cornil Jérôme, Beljonne David, "Which Oxide for Low-Emissivity Glasses? First-Principles Modeling of Silver Adhesion" in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 9, 18346-18354 (2017)
  • Britun Mikola, Konstantinidis Stéphanos, Belosludtsev Alexandr, Silva Tiago, Snyders Rony, "Quantification of the hysteresis and related phenomena in reactive HiPIMS discharges" in Journal of Applied Physics (2017)
  • Bonin Luiza, Bains Narinder, Vitry Véronique, Cobley Andrew, "Ultrasound assisted electroless deposition of nickel-boron coatings: Effect of ultrasonic frequency on the coatings" in Ultrasonics, 77, 61-68 (2017)
  • Rubio Magnieto Jenifer, Tena-Solsona M., Escuder B., Surin Mathieu, "Self-assembled hybrid hydrogels based on an amphipathic low molecular weight peptide derivative and a water-soluble poly(para-phenylene vinylene)" in RSC Advances, 7, 9562-9566 (2017)
  • Vitry Véronique, Bonin Luiza, Malet Loïc, "Chemical and structural characterization of electroless duplex NiP/NiB coatings on steel" in Surface Engineering (2017)
  • Chaudhari S.R., Griffin J.M., Broch K., Lesage A., Lemaur Vincent, Dudenko D., Olivier Yoann, Sirringhaus H., Emsley L., Grey C.P., "Donor-Acceptor Stacking Arrangements in Bulk and Thin-Film High-Mobility Conjugated Polymers Characterized Using Molecular Modelling and MAS and Surface-Enhanced Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy" in Chemical Science, 8, 3126–3136, 10.1039/c7sc00053g (2017)
  • Kozlov O.V., Luponosov Y.N., Solodukhin A.N., Flament Bruno, Olivier Yoann, Lazzaroni Roberto, Cornil Jérôme, Ponomarenko S.A., Pshenichnikov M.S., "Ultrasfast Exciton-to-Polaron Conversion in Densely Packed Small Organic Semiconducting Molecules" in Advanced Optical Materials, 7, 1700024, 10.1002/adom.201700024 (2017)