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Student Testimonials

Aymeric BOLE

Second year

  «For all of my life, I have wanted to be an actor and to make decisions without the inference of others. I believe that studying law at UMONS allows this. The Law School, which is located at the heart of the next European Capital of Culture, combines academic excellence with a very friendly atmosphere. Teachers are very accessible. I do not regret my decision to study here. Having completed a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, I wanted to strengthen my basic skills in order to confront the challenging environment that we live in. With its diversified and intellectually rewarding programme in Law, the Law School fulfilled my expectations perfectly.  Along with a greater control of societal problems and a more comprehensive understanding of current affairs, I feel that I have acquired a more pragmatic and rigorous working method, enabling me to face the world of tomorrow. I am also passionate about drama and writing, therefore joining a professional body of lawyers will certainly provide me with interesting perspective »


Alizée LUST

Second year

 « Since my childhood, I have always dreamed of becoming a lawyer and upholding everyone’s rights. This is precisely why I started studying Law after leaving secondary school. I chose to study at UMONS in order to, quite simply, live in Mons, and I do not regret my decision at all. The UMONS Law School is not large and it is therefore much easier to find your way around and settle in. The close student-teacher contact is also a factor which influenced my decision to study here. It is much easier to make yourself heard; students have their say! Choosing the UMONS Law School, in my opinion, is an excellent choice for studying Law. It is also a good stepping stone to the Master’s degree, which can be undertaken at a much bigger university given the number of students who are interested in such studies. It is a known fact that the gap between school and university is huge, so starting off in a more “human-sized” institution is a bonus. I hope and believe that my studies have enabled me to be better aware of the society in which I live and I also hope to have gained a more open and critical mind towards it. As for the future, I am still very interested in private civil law, but now that I have a real taste of what law in general is all about, I am now considering other options other than becoming a lawyer. »  


Former Student Testimonials


UMONS Law School Graduate

  « For a very long time, I have wanted to study law, in order to hopefully, in the future, become a member of a professional body of lawyers. Living near Mons made it easier for me, for both practical and financial reasons, to stay in the area rather than go directly to Brussels, which is where I am currently pursuing my postgraduate studies. UMONS is a good preparatory stage before completely relocating to the capital; the transition is easier. It allows you to go from secondary school to university without too big a shock to the system. There is also a much closer contact between students and teachers, which I find is very helpful. I now realise that in Brussels, where I am currently studying for my Master’s degree, there is no such thing as close student-teacher relationships ! »