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Bachelor's Degree in Law (3 years)

The Law Department is run by the Brussels Alliance for Research and Higher Education and takes the form of a close collaboration between ULB and UMONS.

  • Since September 2004
  • Gives access to the Master's Degrees in Law (2 years) and in Criminology (2 years)
  • Close collaboration between ULB and UMONS


General description of the programme 

In 180 credits, the Bachelor's programme provides a solid base in legal studies.

Admission requirements

The Bachelor's programme in Law is a 1st cycle university curriculum.

It is addressed to students who hold one of the following credentials:

  • a School Leaving Certificate (CESS) issued by an institution run by the French Community of Belgium
  • a diploma or certificate judged equivalent to a school leaving certificate
  • an official record of satisfactory results on a university admissions test.


Where and when

Classes are exclusively offered during the day, on the premises of the University of Mons, in Mons.
For directions see the map “Campus of the human sciences”.

Profile of the programme

Since September 2004, the Université libre de Bruxelles, in collaboration with the University of Mons, has offered first cycle studies in Law in Mons. Structured in three years, this Bachelor's Degree gives direct access to a Master's programme in Law or in Criminology (2 years).  It results from an initiative of the Brussels Alliance for Research and Higher Education (AUWB) associating ULB and UMONS.

During the three years of the Bachelor's programme, students are trained in various branches of law.

As of the first yearstudents will deal with contemporary law, in all fields, both private and public.  They will approach the law through various historical elements as well as through moral philosophy, political economy, logic and argumentation, sociology and other related fields.

Some courses are accompanied by practical work. These seminars are held in small groups and enable students to 1) learn to analyze and find the solution to a legal problem, 2) learn to use legal sources in both French and Dutch and 3) apply their content to real cases.

Mastering a foreign language is indispensable to a lawyer.  So the Law School  has strengthened its language offer. English and Dutch classes are taught in first and second year and a course on Dutch legal terminology is offered in third year.

Starting in the second year, students may choose from different course modules. They have the opportunity to choose elective courses in a field that is not directly related to law. These modules include: economics-management, political science, sociology or criminology.

Diagram with credits

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Key learning outcomes

After completing this curriculum, students will be able to:

  • reason with the necessary rigour by applying basic knowledge to various fields of law, write reviews of judgements, solve practical cases, compose legal dissertations
  • develop their imagination as well as synthetic and analytical thinking
  • formulate and defend ideas
  • apply personal, crossdisciplinary skills: independence, rigour, group work, spoken and written communication, etc.


Occupational profiles of graduates 

The Bachelor’s Degree in Law is not a professional qualification, and must be completed with a Master’s (in Law or Criminology, for example).

Access to further studies

The Bachelor’s Degree in Law gives full and unrestricted access to the Master’s in Law or Criminology (2 years) or, with additional training, to other Master's programmes.

Mode of study

Full time

Programme director or equivalent

Alain FINET 


Registration can only be made at the UMONS Registration and Certificates Office.