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Facilities for Student Artists

Artists, such as musicians and singers, who wish to pursue university studies, must cope with both academic and artistic requirements. These include rehearsals, concerts, auditions, exams and participation in national and international competitions, of which the dates frequently conflict with those of the academic year.

Student artists can benefit from greater flexibility in the organisation of their studies thanks to the provisions that UMONS has implemented regarding the organisation of the academic calendar. 



Giusy Piccarreta

UMONS Law School graduate

"The University of Mons cares about its students and promotes their artistic and sporting passions. This is why it has set up a system for student artists and athletes to allow those concerned to combine their studies at their leisure. I was able to combine my third year of the Bachelor's programme while being a contestant on The Voice Belgium. My greatest victory was passing my third year while making it to the final of the competition. Thank you UMONS! Besides this, I believe that UMONS promotes success. Its management and its human aspect allow young students fresh out of secondary school to adapt to university life. Students can approach their teachers with confidence and feel quickly at ease. After my final year of secondary school, I wanted to undertake studies in journalism. However, not wanting to isolate myself, I opted for Law School. I knew that studying Law would allow me to explore various future perspectives. The UMONS Law School is more than just a school. Law studies alone prompt a specific way of thinking and being meticulous and precise. I learnt to discipline myself and develop a very Cartesian and critical perspective. I will never regret getting my Bachelor’s degree in Law; it will most definitely go unbeaten! I am now, however, a student in the study domain that I have liked since the end of secondary school: journalism. My previous studies in Law prove extremely useful every day!"


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