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Facilities for students with special needs

Students with special needs, such as being deaf or hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired, disabled and those suffering from a serious and/or long term illness, who would like to study at university, must meet academic requirements while taking into account their disability or health condition.

Legal provisions, intended to facilitate the organisation of studies with greater flexibility, without affecting quality, are provided for these students.

The educational support for the integration of students with a sensory and/or motor disability in university education is the main objective of Les Cèdres . After a specific analysis of each student’s needs, the teaching team develops personalised guidelines by identifying the nature and quality of the necessary accompaniments (knowing the disabled person and focusing these guidelines on the individual), the use of human assistance (transcription in Braille, audio recordings, practice lip reading, etc.), the use of adapted equipment (guide dog, computer, Braille equipment, etc.) and possible educational plans (such as spreading out education over a longer period and adapting timetables).

Each case is unique and to be effective, aid must be based on the personality of the student.



Frankie Picron

UMONS Law School graduate

« I was born deaf. When I arrived at UMONS to follow the Bachelor in Law, I was somewhat scared of failing. Due to my deafness, it was actually impossible to follow the course and even more difficult to take notes without receiving extra support. This is where the University’s support office (les Cèdres) stepped in. This educational support service made my student life more bearable by providing me with course notes written by staff members of the non-profit association. The association also assured me that they would always be there in case of a problem, regarding the understanding of the lessons or anything else. For example, before an oral exam, I was dubious about asking the teacher to speak articulately so that I could lip read. Les Cèdres were present during my exam; therefore I was able to explain my predicament to the teacher. I took my exam in the presence of educational assistants who were prepared to intervene in case I had trouble lip reading.
I am currently pursuing my Master's degree. When I look back, the hardest thing for me was daring to speak to the support office because I wanted to be independent. In hindsight, I think I did well to put my ego aside as this proved to be really useful to complete my studies. One important thing to me is that this collaboration has also allowed me to befriend some members of Les Cèdres. It was a rewarding experience! »


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