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Undergraduate: Bachelor

Legal training

Organised during the day on the Human Sciences campus in Mons, the undergraduate law degree programme comprises 180 credits and is spread over three years of study. Following this course eventually leads to the BA Law degree that gives direct access to the MA Law programme, or the MA Criminology programme by taking an extra elective, at ULB.

The educational training offered by the Law School can build and strengthen a good general culture and works towards students’ open-mindedness based on many additional disciplines in law, such as: history, philosophy, political economy, and sociology.

Some legal courses are supplemented by practical assignments, which allow students, in small groups, to learn how to analyse and find the solution to a legal problem, to use legal sources in both French and Dutch in order to have a better legal perspective and apply their content to specific cases.

Moreover, mastering a foreign language is essential for legal experts. The Law School has strengthened its language learning and has implemented English and Dutch lessons in the first and second years of the course. In the third year, 'Dutch Legal Terminology' is taught in Dutch while Comparative Law is delivered in English.

What are the Law School’s main objectives ?

At the end of the degree programme, students will be able to:

  • Reason in a legal context by applying acquired knowledge to various fields of law, such as, writing up case files, solving practical cases and composing legal dissertations;
  • Develop their imagination and their capacity for analysis and synthesis
  • Formulate and defend ideas
  • Implement personal and cross-disciplinary skills, such as, independence, group work, precision, thoroughness and oral and written mastery.


What are the entry requirements for the Law School ?

Applicants require specific skills, such as:

  • The ability to reason, analyse, critique, as well as skills of synthesis and abstraction
  • Thoroughness
  • Work structure
  • Perfect mastery of oral and written French.