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Assembly of the Faculty Scientific Staff (PerSciF)

 logo PerSciF POLYTECH

PerSciF POLYTECH is the representative organization of the scientific staff of the Faculty of Engineering of UMONS (FPMs). It is composed of the assembly of all scientists of the Faculty and of a bureau which deals with managing issues concerning daily questions of scientists.

PerSciF POLYTECH is an interface between researchers and Faculty, as well as University authorities. It makes it possible to keep scientists informed of the main decisions that institutional authorities take with regard to them and, conversely, PerSciF POLYTECH has the role of informing the authorities of proposals or opinions of the scientists.

PerSciF POLYTECH is a member of CorSci (Corps Scientifique) of UMONS. 

PerSciF regularly organizes two activities: the PerSciF POLYTECH Barbecue and the Researchers' Matinee(MdC).

The barbecue is organized on even years with the aim of promoting a convivial meeting between various researchers of the Faculty of Engineering.

Since its creation by PerSciF in 2001, the Researchers' Matinee (MdC) has known a growing success. It is organized every year, in turns with the Faculty of Applied sciences of ULB, on odd years. The purpose of the Matinee is:

  • to present research carried out by their colleagues to staff members;
  • to create synergies;
  • to make Masters students aware of (F.R.I.A., F.N.R.S., F.S.R.) grant opportunities and research contracts or mandates within the Faculty;
  • to inform future graduates on the fields of expertise of the Faculty.

Members of PerSciF POLYTECH are reminded that the Intranet website and the collaborative site contain documents of interest for scientists. They can be accessed once you are logged in.