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PolytechWeb prize

Every year, our students are invited to submit to a video jury it of one their projects, within the framework of the PolytechWeb contest.


The prizes winner for year 2007-2008 are Marie Baudart and François Rocca, then students in BAC2, for their project “Fluxair”.

FluXair, or how to make the meetings of kinesitherapy gravitational?
The people reached of mucoviscidose practice respiratory kinesitherapy regularly in order to evacuate mucus present in their bronchi and being able to create infections. For the children, these meetings of kinesitherapy are often monotonous. Indeed, their goal is to blow in an small apparatus, named Flutter, containing a ball which it is necessary to make vibrate at a given frequency depending on the area of the bronchi that one wishes to treat.

In 2006, following the request of the mom of a mucoviscidosic child, a software, Flower, were carried out in order to break the monotony of the meetings of kinesitherapy. Thanks to Flower, the patient can advance a racing racing car on a road racing set according to the frequency to which it blows in Flutter. The frequency corresponds to the numbers of shocks between the ball and the wall of Flutter. More information on this software is available on

The developers of Flower then launched a call to any person wanting to improve Flower. The FluXair project then was imagined in FPMs, and was proposed with students of second graduate: Marie Baudart and François Rocca. FluXair is based on the same principle as Flower. A microphone is fixed on the wall of Flutter and records the sound caused by the ball running up against this wall. This sound is then analyzed and the frequency of the ball is calculated. According to this frequency, FluXair causes a vertical displacement of the mouse, its horizontal displacement, or the support of a key of the keyboard. These functions make it possible the user to use a broad preexistent paddle.

For more information, to see the Web page of the project: