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Mons is a sports town. Its basketball-team which is in the first national league and its soccer team in the second league are the heralds of top level sports clubs. This leaves a lot of space for other sports which are also pratised in many associations on all levels : swimming, squash, tennis, bowling, rugby, martial arts, aerobic, badminton, volley-ball, aquagym, pools, climbing, chess, squirming, indoor soccer, parachute jumping, and many others. The city's official website offers a comprehensive list of all sports associations.

At Umons you can also work out and practice sports if you take part in university championships : rugby, water-polo, volleyball, basket, tennis, field and indoor football, track and field athletics or swimming. You can also practise one of the following sports as newcomers.

The new trend is meeting every week with about thirty students at the entrance of the Town Hall for a weekly jogging run.  facebook group . The starting shot is always given on market square and the run takes 40 minutes. Joggers of all levels can participate. Two level groups take the start : one for “hard liners” who run 5 miles and one for slower running hardliners heading for a 3,5 miles trot. A tracksuit, a pair of good sneakers and off we go !

A climbing group has also been brought to life by Umons students. It organises training sessions at a climbers hall (Face Nord) in Mons. No need to be a climbing pro, everybody is welcome.  


Every year Umons students organise the Mons cup, the most frequented soccer event for universities and Higher education schools in Belgium. This event gathers a thousand players with some coming from abroad!