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Student Jobs

How to find a student job at UMONS?

| Students can register with the jobs department. 
| Job offers are sent to UMONS student e-mail addresses only.
| Students interested in a job at UMONS must then respond to the e-mail.
| They are then put in contact with the potential employer.

Where can I find the registration form? To whom should I submit the form?

This form is available at the Social Services office, or here  (Please note, you must provide proof of ID to get the form). Registration forms can be submitted to the Social Services between 15th September and 30th June. Registration is valid for one academic year; students must re-register the following year..

With a student job, how many days am I allowed to work? How much will I be paid?

Student workers are protected by specific legislation. Please read the rights and obligations related to student workers, either at the Social Services office or on the following website .

What types of job offers are available at UMONS?

The majority of jobs on offer are for cleaning, administration and catering, etc. These offers may be for specific, temporary missions or they may require regular hours.

What are the selection criteria?

The candidate is chosen by the employer (not by the jobs department) depending on the desired profile. The following may be taken into account: language skills, familiarity with computers, job sector, travel distance between home and the workplace, among others.

For some offers, no specific criteria are required; all students registered at the jobs department may therefore submit an application.

Recruitment may include one or more candidates as needed by the employer.