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Sports Hall

UMONS now has its own sports hall. Located on the Plain de Nimy campus, it is a space dedicated to the UMONS community and sports!

This room can accommodate the entire UMONS community and includes an indoor football pitch, a tennis court, two basketball courts, two volleyball courts and five badminton courts.
The changing rooms are now accessible.
For reservations, fill out this form.

In order to use the changing rooms (besides using the sports hall), complete this form.

Check out the activities that UMONS-Sport already organises.
The Sports Hall will be closed from Monday 6th April until Friday 17th

Sports Hall Regulations

1. The sports hall is open Monday to Friday until 10 pm. It is closed on public holidays and at weekends.

2. Reservation requests must be sent to the Culture and Sports Unit by e-mail ( au at least 7 days in advance of the desired reservation. The Culture and Sports Unit is the sole decision maker regarding the schedule of the sports hall. Reservations are valid only if the form has been properly completed.

3. Users who do not wish to use their time slot for a fixed period should notify the Culture and Sports Unit. If a group does not occupy the room twice in a row without informing the Culture and Sports Unit, the reservation will be cancelled for the remainder of the reserved period.

4. Users must respect the timetable and reservations. No changes can be made without consulting the Culture and Sports Unit beforehand.

5. Users must comply with these regulations, particularly with regard to the closing hours and the instructions issued by the activity leaders , security and the Culture and Sports Unit.

6. Each group of users must appoint a leader. 

7. Each leader must make themselves known to the Culture and Sports Unit. They must be easily reachable by phone or email. Any change in leader must be reported at the risk of being denied access.

8. The leader is also in charge of checking the UMONS-sports cards of the participants in their group . They may deny access to anyone who is not in good standing. The Culture and Sports Unit will carry out occasional inspections of the UMONS-sports cards. 

9. The leader agrees to respect the internal regulations and all instructions given by the security team or the Culture and Sports Unit, particularly the safety instructions. They will also ensure that order and morality are maintained throughout the entire duration of their reservation of the facilities. The leader as well as the Culture and Sports Unit reserve the right to disqualify any entrant whose behaviour and discipline do not comply with the regulations.

10. The group leader is responsible for the key given to them. If the key gets lost, is copied or is misused, appropriate sanctions will apply. The cost for copying a lost key will be charged to the leader or the group. Copying or misusing the key will result in the exclusion from the sports hall for a period determined by the Culture and Sports Unit.

11. Before using any equipment, the leader must ensure that it is in good condition. They must inform the Culture and Sports Unit of any problems.

12. Each group must set up and put back any equipment they use. This includes goals, goalposts, hoops, nets, balls, rackets, shuttlecocks, etc.

13. It is forbidden to hang from the basketball hoops, the football and handball goals, and any other equipment not intended for this purpose.

14. All equipment and facilities provided shall be used with respect.

15. It is forbidden to enter the room with outdoor shoes or trainers or footwear that leaves marks on the floor. Footwear suitable for each sport must be worn. Black-soled shoes are strictly prohibited.

16. Intentionally throwing balls at the walls is strictly prohibited.

17. All users of the sports hall must abide by the basic safety rules and adopt respectful behaviour towards others and the equipment.

18. Costs to repair any damage to equipment will be charged to the person or group at fault. Any damages should be notified by email to the Culture and Sports Unit within 48 hours. The same applies to any loss of equipment.

19. The sports hall shall be left in the state it was in before use.

20. It is forbidden to enter the sports hall while intoxicated.

21. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, eat or drink in the sports hall (except for hydrating drinks consumed during a sports activity, and in no case can alcohol be consumed in the sports hall).

22. These regulations are subject to change at any time. Each group must be aware of these regulations, which can be found on the Culture and Sports Unit’s website (