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Sports Events at UMONS
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Sports Events at UMONS:

On the website of the Cercle des Sports de la Fédé F.P.Ms (FPMs sports association), you will find the schedule of weekly sports activities and what's on offer at the different clubs in Mons. There are also occasional invitations to sports events as well as promotions and the possibility to register for ski trips, and much more.

"Please feel free to contact us for information about sports in Mons, either linked directly to the FPMs or for information about UMONS-Sport."




The Coupe du Mons (the "Mons Cup") is the not-to-be-missed sports event! It is the biggest football competition of students in higher education in Belgium with over 1000 players! It is organised by the students of Warocqué School of Business and Economics. Besides football, there are many other activities that can be enjoyed during this tournament.