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Preparing for, and passing, the Entrance Exam: Tips and Suggestions

Preparing to the Entrance Exam

To help you prepare for the entrance exam, the Faculty of Engineering holds a series of workshops throughout the year.

Entrance Exam Preparation Sessions.

Here you will find information about the preparation activities on offer.

Preparation sessions are held on Saturday mornings in Mons, Charleroi and Tournai.

It is now possible for pupils in their final year of secondary school to attend the Faculty of Engineering’s preparation sessions. 

These sessions cover aspects of mathematics which are necessary for all study paths in the field of Engineering.
Programme 2015-2016).

These sessions are run throughout the academic year and are given by Engineering Master’s students. The sessions take place on Saturday mornings, from the 14th September, on university premises in Mons, Charleroi and Tournai.

Students can develop their skills at their own pace, solving mixed level exercises, from basic to advanced, with the help of the supervising Engineering students. The solutions to the problems covered are given out at the end of the morning. Each session covers a specific topic so that students can develop skills and knowledge in the areas that they find the most challenging. This is also the chance for secondary school students who have chosen to follow just four hours of maths per week to catch up and be prepared before the start of their studies.

MONS: UMONS - Faculty of Engineering (Campus Polytech), 9, Rue de Houdain (8:30-12:30)

CHARLEROI: UMONS - CHARLEROI Campus, 38-42, bd Joseph II (9:00-13:00)

TOURNAI: ISEP, 33, rue des Carmes (8:30-12:30)

Price : 5 € per session - it is not necessary to regsiter in advance.

In order to help us organise the preparation sessions please send an e-mail to the following address with the following information:

·         Surname-Name-School/Region

·         Place where you would like to follow the sessions (Charleroi, Mons or Tournai)


Sending this information does not constitute being registered for the sessions, it is merely collected so that we can better estimate the number of participants.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Past Papers 

 It is possible for you to test you knowledge using exercises from previous years.

These exercises all come with their solutions and can be downloaded below. 

Testing Methods

At the Faculty of Engineering you will be asked to solve problems and not just demonstrate theoretical knowledge.

All of the tests, except calculus and trigonometry, are done orally, and you will be given time to prepare your answers. If you ‘freeze’ or make a mistake, the person asking the questions will try to guide you.

Never give up in the middle of an exam session! Even if you feel that you have failed part of the test, try to persevere and complete all of the sections of the test. Remember, you may just be being hard on yourself.

Passing Criteria

In order to pass the Entrance Exam you need to have at least 50% overall, and at least 50% on each part of the test.

However, the exam board can make the decision to admit someone who has not met these criteria.

The faculty organises two exam sessions, so if you fail the first, do consider registering for the second. The two exam sessions are completely separate, so failure in the first session will not influence the jury for the second.

Students who have failed the first exam session, and decide to take the exam during the second session, do not need to resit the parts of the exam for which they already achieved the 50% pass mark.

Please note: Results of the first session can only be carried over to the second session in the same year. Results cannot be carried over from one year to another.

Students who have passed the exam can be admitted onto a first year study programme and will receive a document declaring that they have passed the exam at their home address. This document will be sent with all the documents necessary for registering for the first year of studies.

Students who have not passed the test will receive a transcript of results, so that they can identify the areas that they need to work on.



FPMs Entrance Exam - Algebra Questions

FPMs Entrance Exam - Geometry Questions

FPMs Entrance Exam - Trigonometry Questions

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