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Registering for the Entrance Exam: Procedures

How to Register?

  1. By going in person to the Faculty Secretariat  located at Rue de Houdain, 9 in Mons or to the UMONS Administrative Office in Charleroi which is on Boulevard Joseph II, 38-39 in Charleroi.
  2. By phoning us or by sending an e-mail with your postal address to (we will send you an admissions form, which needs to be completed and sent back to us, and a document with details for completing the bank transfer to pay your fees).

When to register?

  • For the first session: from 3rd February to 30th June 2016, (from the 20th June, only registrations done at the Registration Office will be accepted - please note, there will be an open day on Saturday 25th June from 9:00 to 12:30);
  • For the 2nd session: from 12th July to 19th August 2016.


Click below to find out the opening times:


Required Documents

At the time of your registration you must have the following documents:

  • a photocopy of your your passport or identity card.
  • an official document attesting that you have obtained the secondary school leaving certificate, issued by the secondary school where you finished your studies. This document is to be deposited by the first day of the examination session;
  • for the holders of a foreign title and who wish to present only the mathematics part, the equivalence certificate delivered by the Directorate-General of Compulsory Education.


Except for the originals, all the documents that you provide in support of your application become and remain the property of the University.


The cost to take the Entrance Exam amounts to 50 Euros per session, which must be paid by bank transfer (collect document giving details at the Registration Office) or by Bancontact (only available in Mons). Please note, for security reasons, we do not accept cash payments).

If you failed the first exam session and decide to register for the second session, you must pay the fee a second time.

N.B.: No refunds can be given for the test fees.

Exemption from NON-mathematical Tests

To be exempt from taking the NON-maths part of the Entrance Exam, applicants must hold one of the following credentials:

  • a secondary school certificate issued during or after academic year 1993-1994 by a full-fledged secondary school or continuing education school in the French Community and approved by the commission formed to evaluate the validity of the certificate, as well as holders of the same certificate awarded by the examination board of the French Community during or after 1994;
  • a secondary school certificate issued no later than academic year 1992-1993, along with the proficiency examination allowing admission to higher education for students applying for a full-length degree programme;
  • a diploma awarded by a higher education institution within the French Community giving access to an academic degree, or a diploma awarded by a university or a school offering instruction in some area of higher education itself, in accordance with previous legislation;
  • a higher education certificate or degree granted by a continuing education school;
  • an official record of satisfactory results on an admissions test given by higher education institutions or by an examination board of the French Community: this certification allows admission to a particular programme resulting from an agreement between the Government and the sectorial delegates CIUF and CGHE and opens access to studies in the sectors or fields it indicates;
  • a diploma, title or certificate similar to those mentioned above and granted by the Flemish Community, the German Community or the “Ecole royale militaire” (Royal Military College);
  • a foreign diploma, degree or certificate recognised by an examination board to be equivalent to those mentioned under 1-4 above by virture of a law, decree, European directive or international convention.