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UMHAP Medical Research Centre - Scientific Inspiration for Medical Excellence in Mons

UMONS and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire et Psychiatrique de Mons – Borinage had been successful collaborating for a number of years and this led to the settingup of a long-term scientific partnership. Within the framework of this partnership, UMONS contributes its skills and expertise. 9 UMONS institutes are involved in this project, in particular, the HEALTH Institute. The CHU contributes its skills and expertise in the medical/clinical field and in the field of clinical Research. The key objective will consist in carrying out joint scientific Research projects, teaching support projects and offering services to society.

From this collaboration will emerge a «Medical Profiling» Unit. It will bring together the scientific and clinical expertise of UMONS and CHU Ambroise Paré in the metabonomic monitoring of human diseases and their treatments. Metabonomics studies the variation of endogenous metabolite levels in biofluids and biopsies. These low molecular weight molecules are the major players in cellular and biochemical processes. It is hoped that the simultaneous spectroscopic analysis of the human metabolome may lead to the identification of early diagnostic/prognostic markers of certain diseases. The evolution of these markers over the course of treatment should also provide information about its effectiveness. Thus, the key objective pursued by the Profiling Unit is to identify and validate biomarkers accounting for the development and progression of certain diseases.