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Expertise and research topics developed by the Institute

The Institute’s activities are highly multidisciplinary and focus on six main areas:

  • content-based hypermedia navigation, using similarity analysis. The idea here is to allow one or more users to quickly find data amongst a large collection of multimedia data (sounds, images, videos, 3D objects, etc.),
  • performative media, for which the Institute has developed a set of miniaturised wireless sensors in order to measure the movements of a performer or an object in real-time and allow for live on-stage interaction. NUMEDIART is also working on developing innovative musical instruments (new or existing instruments enhanced by sensors),
  • augmented reality, characterised by the superimposition of virtual media content in a real-time context. NUMEDIART is developing expertise in image analysis in real-time on GPU. This is linked to the Institute’s research on monumental projections, in which artists project images and videos on large 3D structures (buildings) using multiple synchronised projectors,
  • motion capture (MOCAP) and analysing results to control avatars and animated characters,
  • smart spaces in which the Institute is developing tools to track people in large spaces (in museums, for example), based on the concept of computational attention, and to analyse interactions between individuals in a group.
  • 3D design, from which the Institute has made a 3D model of the City of Mons. NUMEDIART also organises a FabLAB at the University.