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Expertise and research topics developed by the Institute

The main research themes of the Institute vary considerably:

  • new polymer materials and (nano)composites,
  • material devices for organic electronics,
  • nanotechnologies and nanoparticles,
  • plasma processes,
  • surfaces functionalisation,
  • dynamics of interfaces: coating, wetting, dewetting, microfluidic,
  • Self-organisation of thin structures,
  • material engineering for the living,
  • nanophotonic and micro materials,
  • metal alloys, coatings and manufacturing processes,
  • electrochemistry of functional coatings and smart surfaces,
  • gas sensors, ions and stress sensors, biosensors,
  • ceramic materials,
  • adsorption and heterogeneous catalysis,
  • geomaterials,
  • structures and building materials.