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OPTI²MAT is a Programme of Excellence financed by the Région wallonne (representing an overall subsidy of 11 million euros shared between the Région wallonne, UMONS and Materia Nova). This programme, running from 2009 until 2014, involves collaborations with the Institute’s research centres: CIRMAP, CRIM and Materia Nova, for aspects of industrial development. OPTI²MAT triggered the creation of the Institute of which CIRMAP and CRIM are the founding members. OPTI²MAT has been designed to optimise material properties through the chemical treatment of their surface and by implementing new processes. The two main themes developed in this Programme of Excellence are:

  • the protection of metal substrates by original deposition methods to confer self-healing properties,
  • the development of punctual optical fibre sensors distributed by enhancing sensitive layers to identify ions in, for example, solutions, air pollutants and toxic gases.