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Centre for Research in Accounting and Corporate Governance - CGE

In 2010, the Department of Financial Management and Corporate Governance of the Warocqué School of Business and Economics (FWEG) decided to create the Centre for Research in Accounting and Corporate Governance (CGE). Areas of distinctive skills in the CGE’s research include family, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and territorial development. The opportunity to benefit from collaborations between scientists researching similar issues was the driving force behind the creation of this Centre. The CGE is also involved in a wider initiative to create platforms for the dissemination of research. Indeed, members of the CGE initiated the assembly of the International Conference on Corporate Governance, which was created in 2002 and is organised annually. Networking at these events has enabled the CGE to uphold a significant international reputation, allowing fruitful exchanges between research teams across the globe. Incorporating the CGE within HUMANORG in 2012 has simply reinforced its visibility (in this respect, the first two conferences of the HUMANORG Institute were organised by members of the CGE).