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Expertise and research topics developed by the Institute

The themes covered by the Institute are those of the Joint Programmes carried out by the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and more specifically:

  • Biofuels and combustion. New combustion techniques, combustion of low calorific value gases, environmental impact of combustion, and biofuel production from microalgae.


  • Carbon capture and storage. Purification and capture of post-combustion CO2, CO2 reuse, geological storage of CO2 in coal mines, and deep carbonate aquifer reservoirs.


  • Photovoltaic technologies. Development of new generation of photovoltaic cells (Grätzel and polymer cells).


  • Smart Cities. Zero energy and positive energy buildings, alternative technologies for heating and cooling and their integration in buildings, optimisation and predictive control of complex systems, and insulating components for buildings.


  • Energy storage. Geological storage of thermal solar energy, and inter-seasonal thermochemical heat storage.


  • Materials and processes for energy applications.Materials for electrical energy transport, industrial process study and optimisation, and heat recovery.


  • Wind power. Wind potential assessment, optimisation of windmill blades, and acoustic and vibratory aspects.


  • Smart grids. Impact of decentralized electricity production on distribution grids, management of electricity supply and demand, and security of computer data transfer.


  • Geothermal energy. Characterisation of geothermal resources, and heat networks.