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ECRA Chair

In April 2013, the University of Mons and the European Cement Research Academy (ECRA), a platform on which the European cement industry supports, organises and undertakes research, signed an agreement to create a new academic chair within the UMONS Research Institute for Energy. The main objective of the ECRA Chair is to create a centre of scientific expertise in the specific field of "carbon capture in cement production and its reuse" and promote research and innovation.

The ECRA Chair also promotes studies on CO2 capture processes applied to the cement industry and the subsequent potential use of CO2 as a new fuel. More specifically, research focuses on:

  • the production of oxygen for oxy-fuel combustion and the comparison of different technologies,
  • flue gas treatment in CO2 capture (de- NOx and de-SOx in particular) that can be applied by absorption or adsorption; this includes not only oxyfuel combustion but also pilot studies and projects on capture technologies known as "post-combustion",
  • the reuse of CO2 which can be achieved by various processes which convert CO2 into methanol or methane while benefiting from renewable electricity.


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