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Chloé Wuilay

1st year ESHS student


« When I attended the Open Day at UMONS, I had no idea what I wanted to study. It was only when I spoke with several people that I discovered social and human sciences. This is a broad field, allowing time for reflection whilst discovering a range of subjects.
I am approaching the end of my first year and can say with certainty that I am very happy with the choice I made to study here. I have discovered and learned things that I never even thought of before. There is a very active element of solidarity at the ESHS, where teachers remain highly available to students. Through UMONS associations and committees, I have been able to get involved in activities and take on extra responsibilities.
I am eager to discover what is in store for me on this journey. I am extremely grateful to all those who have supported me during this new experience so far.  »



Mathilde Dillies

3rd year Bachelor student (Information and Communication)
« I chose UMONS because it was the only university in Belgium that offered the Master’s programme in Economic and Social Policy. That is why I chose to enrol on the Bachelor’s in Management Engineering in order to then study said Master’s degree later on. After a few weeks, however, I felt that the courses were too focused on economics, so I changed direction and started studying for the Bachelor’s in Human and Social sciences.
In the 2nd year of the Bachelor’s programme, we were able to choose an option. I chose Information and Communication. Despite knowing that I would not continue in this area of study, I was still happy to be able to acquire additional knowledge in this domain.
The proximity with the teachers, the bond between the students and the diversity of courses are definitely the biggest assets of this course. At the ESHS, students are also fortunate to be able to go on a trip in the 3rd year as part of our English course. A trip that will certainly never be forgotten!
As I approach the end of the Bachelor’s programme, I reflect on what the last three years has brought me: positive, exceptional encounters, as well as countless happy memories and invaluable experiences that have helped me to mature and understand the world we live in.» 


Alisson Pechon

ESHS student

« I chose the Bachelor’s programme in Human and Social Sciences for its wide range of courses on offer, but particularly for its accessibility to many Master’s programmes. At the beginning of the course, my initial aim was to eventually go into journalism but, since the end of the first year, my choice has become more focused on political science. This Bachelor’s course opens up many doors to an array of disciplines, leading us to see things from several points of view.

Organisations such as CRE and AGE allow students to learn, get involved in student life, and give their opinions, which the University take very seriously. Both of these organisations not only give us, in some ways, a preview of our future careers, but also allow us to gain invaluable experience and, above all, learn how to be responsible adults.

There is a great atmosphere at the ESHS which, in my opinion, is the most encouraging factor for studying here as an undergraduate student. The teacher proximity and exchange with others is certainly favourable. UMONS has certainly succeeded in providing quality teaching on a more personal level. Similarly, several activities are organised in the first year to ensure the successful integration of students at the university. With its large range of disciplines covered, as well as its solid theoretical basis, this Bachelor’s course allows students to develop their critical thinking skills and broaden their own points of view. This is an excellent course to follow for access to Master’s programmes and for future professional life.»