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The Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (EII) has a Centre for Multimédia studies and Reseach (CERM) which offers its students a series of lectures and course units, in addition to the research undertaken on the interaction between new technologies and translation-interpretation,


The CERM offers two additional highlights:

  • on the one hand an introduction to “International Relations” via a series of classes, which provides a good deal of general knowledge to the translator and the interpreter and also prepares for an international career (diplomacy, negotiations, etc).

A specialization (MC) in the 3rd cycle in one year minimum will help you prepare for the diplomacy contest of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

  • in addition, course fields of translation and audio-visual media.

Indeed, CERM has a 15 year long experience in training screen translation, i.e. subtitling and doubling with different forms, including adaptation, labialization and/or translation overlay.

It has just added two new course fields which are the “audiodescription”, an interlinguistic narration track added to the spoken screen translation, of an audiovisual document, intended for the visually impaired, as well as “respeaking” which is the simultaneous (written) on-screen translation, intended for deaf and hard of hearing viewers.

In addition to these course fields, CERM offers to its students traditional courses held by Cerm on the University Campus of Mons, in co-operation with Montreal University (1) : computer aided translation (CAT) and machine translation, espacially the study of the (TA) latter's limits.

Cerm allows you also to get acquainted with the technique of remote conference interpreting via videoconference or Visio-interpreting which makes it possible to bring together all three participants of an interpretation sequence i.e. the speaker, the interpreter and the public, each at a different place.

This last technique gave way to teleinterpretation (and remote interpreting) which is usually offered on the Asian market and which allows to answer to a request of remote interpretation.

Some of these course fields, as well as many others, still offered by Cerm, which is located at the center for Arabic language and culture (Language in 3 levels, Translation and conference interpreting from and into English and French, as a Postgraduate master degree), are offered either as lectures which can be selected in 3rd Bachelor or Master, or as additional courses (MC).

(1) At the Library of Umons you will find the work dealing with this question: A. Clas and H. Safar: « L’environnement traductionnel et la station de travail du traducteur au 21ème siècle » éd. Presses universitaires de Montréal.

* Assignment:

Offer optimal conditions to support scientific research and education in the field of audio-visual translation and remote interpretation; Combine pedagogy and technicality;  Ensure a logistical support for researchers and students, based on the most powerful new communication technologies, applied to translation and conference interpretation ;  favour evolutionary dynamics of education according to market needs; encourage synergies with the most prestigious corporations in the sector

Tel.: +32 (0) 65 39 45 16 
Fax: +32 (0) 65 39 45 21 
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Prof H. Safar.


  • Mrs. NR. HAMAOUI (in charge of subtitling and videoconference, coordinator of the Arab section of language);
  • Mrs. Annie Delsaut
    External collaborators: 
  • R. Anciaux (ULB); 
  • Prof A. Djeflat (Université of Lille) 
  • Mrs. A. Sawaya Safar (Lawyer); 
  • Prof A. Amid (Translator auditor at UNESCO) 
  • Mrs. I. Bilterys (CEO of BO Image); 
  • Mr. X. VERSTREPEN (3rd cycle).
  • Miss Michele Graffin (in charge of research project)
  • Mr. Abderrahim Hmami (Intercultural interpreter and mediator).