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Researchers matinée (MdC)

Created by the Faculty of Engineering of Mons, the Researchers Matinée is organized every year, in alternation with ULB's Faculty of Applied sciences. Its main goals are :

  • to present to staff members the research work carried out by their colleagues;
  • to create synergies;
  • to make Master's students aware of grant opportunities (F.R.I.A., F.N.R.S., F.S.R.) and of research contracts or mandates at the Faculty;
  • to inform future graduates about the fields of expertise present at the Faculty.  


6th Mons edition of the Matinée (2011)  

Resarch Matinée 2011 

In 2011 it is the turn of PerSciF-POLYTECH of UMONS, in collaboration with CorSci of UMONS, to organize this event. It will take place on March 22nd at the Auditorium Stievenart. For more information, feel free to consult the Matinée's website 2011:

Back issues  

Initially organized by PerSciF-FPMs every two years since 2001, MdC was then co-organized by PerSciF-POLYTECH of UMONS on odd years and by the ULB's Faculty of Applied sciences' staff on even years. More and more researchers coming from other UMONS and ULB faculties were invited, even from other universities (Lille, Valenciennes) or higher education institutes (members of the Hainaut higher education consortium).

Former Matinées took place as follows:

  • MdC 2010 (3rd edition, ULB/FSA in Brussels)
  • MdC 2009 (5th edition, UMONS/FPMs in Mons)
  • Mdc 2008 (2nd edition ULB/FSA in Brussels)
  • MdC 2007 (4th FPMs edition in Mons)
  • MdC 2006 (1st edition ULB/FSA in Brussels)
  • MdC 2005 (3rd FPMs edition in Mons)
  • MdC 2003 (2nd FPMs edition in Mons)
  • MdC 2001 (1st FPMs edition in Mons)